Somewhere between coded half truths and a swampy mess of irrelevant details

A at Science Experiments brought up a topic that’s been heavy on my mind—privacy. Like A, I started this blog somewhat anonymously. I’m tired of censoring my words and want a place to let them flow freely and honestly. As that damn breaks lose, I don’t want it to damage my professional or personal reputation. On the other hand, I believe there is unspeakable power in being completely and utterly transparent about my experiences with birth and women’s health.

There’s something so refreshing and empowering when we discover another woman’s experience and say “Hey, me too!” When we censor our  experiences, we let other people’s preconceptions about what it looks like, feels like, and means to give birth, struggle with depression, or whatever the case may be, dominate and shroud the truth of what’s actually happening.

Consequently, I’ve decided to be half anonymous and half out. I’m not broadcasting my blog to coworkers, friends, and family (except my mom—hi, Mom!), but I’m not hiding my identity either. I want people to know I’m a real person and am not ashamed of the intimate details of my life. Going forward, I hope to strike a balance somewhere between coded half truths and a swampy mess of irrelevant details. I’ll know I got it right if somebody somewhere says, “Hey, me too!”


About The Preconceptionist

Where personal experience meets clinical and cultural preconceptions about birth and women's health.
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One Response to Somewhere between coded half truths and a swampy mess of irrelevant details

  1. I completely understand your predicament and I’m glad to have found your blog! It was scary as hell but I decided to go the route of full disclosure and be as you said “completely and utterly transparent” with my new blog. It’s been an exciting journey so far 🙂

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