Babymaking and the Art of Defeating Depression

Which would you rather read about first: my recent mental breakdown or my horrid experience trying to navigate the health care system? Mental breakdown sounds way more juicy, so I’ll start there.

Depression runs in my family, and despite countless overhauls and tweaks to my lifestyle, I have it. In 2004, I started therapy and medication. My life snapped into place like never before. Other than the normal ups and downs of daily living, it’s been a pretty smooth ride ever since. Then last week–WHAM. Depression hit me upside the head, threw a temper tantrum right in my office, and said “PAY ATTENTION TO ME NOW.”

How entirely untimely is this? I want to start babymaking in July or August, so I should be tapering off of medication right now…at least that’s how it should be in my perfect world. Instead, my normal dose of medication isn’t even working anymore. I’m on a week of sick leave, visiting a therapist, re-evaluating my medication dosage, and consumed with the work of getting stabilized.

On a side note, can you imagine how difficult it is to walk into your boss’s office, disclose that you have depression, and ask to take sick leave at the busiest time of the year for the company? That’s what I did, and thankfully, I walked out with my job and professional reputation intact.

I hear so much about depression during and after pregnancy, but what about the preconception phase? My therapist and nurse practitioner say some women have to take antidepressants during pregnancy and that if I’m one of them, that’s okay. I’d like to go into this as informed as possible though. Does anyone have helpful links or books to share?


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3 Responses to Babymaking and the Art of Defeating Depression

  1. A says:

    I don’t have anything helpful to say, but good lord does depression ever suck. It was probably the worst thing I ever had to deal with.

    You should be super proud that not only are you able to figure out right away that this is depression, but also that you are able to pull yourself out of it to seek out the help you need. Good luck.

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