30 Reasons Why 30 Rocks

On the occasion of my 30th birthday, I present…

30 Reasons Why 30 Rocks

Today is my 30th birthday!


  1. Adult swim
  2. Auto insurance is just $82/month.
  3. In general, early 20s sucked.
  4. No more stupid boy drama
  5. Better sex
  6. No roommates
  7. No landlords
  8. Job experience
  9. Financial independence
  10. Being grown
  11. Being taken seriously at work
  12. Your wardrobe doesn’t have to double as work attire and club clothes.
  13. You don’t get scolded at work for wearing “inappropriate” clothing.
  14. You know when to show what yo mama gave ya and when to cover up.
  15. You’re old enough to want kids, and young enough to have them.
  16. Reasonably fresh eggs
  17. If you forget your ID, it’s usually not a problem.
  18. If you get carded, it’s a compliment.
  19. You know how to drink and when to quit.
  20. Laugh lines
  21. A whole new batch of age-appropriate self-help books to explore
  22. You don’t have to work as hard to reach your target heart rate.
  23. You’re old enough to know what you want.
  24. You’re young enough to go after it.
  25. You discover renewed joy in saying no.

    Like my new glasses?

  26. You’re old enough to enjoy your young enough parents.
  27. Glasses with bling graduate from a luxury to a necessity.
  28. You can be a nerd and still be cool.
  29. You have that air of confidence that makes men drool.
  30. 30’s the new 20!

This list comes from the limited perspective of my white, married, employed, childless, middle-class self. Make my day and help spice up my list by letting me know what you love or hate most about your 30s.


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