Let’s Talk About Sex

In my last post I said that my husband and I are still going at it, aka rolling in the hay, doing the baby dance…you get it. But today I must retract that statement. Yes, we’ve made a noble effort at conception, but we’re not meeting the every-other-day standard during my fertile phase. Actually, thanks to our recent vacation, I don’t even know where exactly I am in my cycle.

I’m amazed at how much pressure we’re both experiencing. When we get around to trying to conceive, it’s wonderful  and has a whole new dimension that makes my toes tingle. But getting there is a battle. I want to schedule sex on specific days to maximize our chances of conception, and my husband is totally rebelling against imposing a schedule on our sex life. He likes to wait until he’s in the mood and has good energy levels–which seemed to be every day until we switched into trying-to-conceive mode. Sheesh!

At least our push and pull dynamic seems to be revolving around changes to our sex life instead of whether or not to have babies. I’m not exactly sure how to navigate this. For now we’re both just being honest about our feelings. Yesterday we didn’t have sex like we were supposed to. I went to bed angry, my husband went to bed exhausted and frustrated, and we fell asleep holding hands.


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2 Responses to Let’s Talk About Sex

  1. healthybun says:

    YES – why is it that husbands want to have sex all the time until you NEED to have sex, and suddenly they lose interest? Sigh…

  2. I saw someone else twitter about this. It must be a common experience. What’s the deal??

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