30 Signs and Symptoms of Early Pregnancy from the Thick of the Two Week Wait

One week down, one more to go until the end of my first real two week wait. As every decently obsessive woman has, I’ve been through my fair share of pregnancy scares and fantasies. So, my second TTC (trying to conceive) gift to my readers (click here for the first) is a comprehensive list of every conceivable sign and symptom of early pregnancy that I’ve unearthed over the years.

  1. Tender or swollen breasts: Hormonal changes often make this one of the first signs of pregnancy. It’s also a sign of PMS.
  2. Fatigue: High progesterone, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and increased blood volume spell blah.
  3. Nausea and/or vomiting: Estrogen causes the stomach to empty more slowly. HCG is also a prime suspect behind this nagging symptom.
  4. Frequent urination: HCG increases blood flow to your pelvis, which makes you have to pee more.
  5. Changes in appetite: Early pregnancy can cause your appetite to wax or wane.
  6. Food cravings: You may develop a sudden yearning for pickles and ice-cream or some other such nonsense.
  7. Food aversions: Your morning coffee may make you want to gag. (I’m praying for this symptom to kick my mild caffeine habit.)
  8. Headaches: Hormonal changes trigger more blood to circulate during pregnancy, which can lead to frequent headaches.
  9. Weight gain or loss: Your weight usually doesn’t change significantly until later in pregnancy. However, weight gain or loss is possible during early pregnancy thanks to symptoms like #s 5, 6, and 7.
  10. Heightened sense of smell: Hormones make most pregnant women’s sniffers super sensitive.
  11. Heartburn: Progesterone relaxes the esophageal sphincter during pregnancy, which makes you more susceptible to heartburn.
  12. Cramping earlier than usual: The process of the fertilized egg implanting in the uterine wall can cause slight cramping and often happens before your expected period.
  13. Spotting earlier than usual: Some women also experience spotting during implantation.
  14. Prominent veins: Increased blood volume during early pregnancy can cause visible veins, especially in your breasts.
  15. Darkening areolas: Hormones can affect skin pigmentation throughout pregnancy. One of the first changes you’ll see could be darkening of the skin around your nipples.
  16. Bloating and/or gas: Rising progesterone levels relax the digestive tract, which makes it run slower, which can lead to that bloated feeling and embarrassing episodes of gas.
  17. Constipation: Increased progesterone can lead to constipation.
  18. Diarrhea: Although less common, some women experience diarrhea. It’s usually caused by something outside your body, but it’s also how some women respond to changing hormones.
  19. Backache: For some women, loosening joints and ligaments lead to back pain even before they gain weight and start to show.
  20. Hot flashes: Fluctuating hormones can cause hot flashes that feel like heat waves running through your body.
  21. Mood Swings: Who wouldn’t be moody with all these signs and symptoms brewing?
  22. Racing heart: Resting heart rate increases during pregnancy and sometimes leads to minor heart rhythm irregularities, which can sometimes feel like your heart is galloping through your chest.
  23. Increasing creamy cervical fluid during the luteal phase (second halfish) of your cycle: Cervical fluid is typically not an accurate predictor of pregnancy. This cautious statement comes from Taking Charge of Your Fertility.
  24. Dizziness: Relaxing blood vessels lead to decreased blood pressure, which can make you feel dizzy or light-headed. Low blood sugar may also be to blame.
  25. Vivid dreams: This commonly reported sign is thought to be related to hormonal changes, but has yet to be scientifically linked.
  26. Metal Mouth: Changes in estrogen levels and sense of smell may cause some women to experience a metallic or sour taste even when they’re not eating.
  27. Melasma: Some women experience darkening areas of facial skin, which can peak in what’s known as the mask of pregnancy.
  28. 18 consecutive elevated basal body temps
  29. Missed period
  30. Positive home pregnancy test…duh

Disclaimer: I am highly skilled at convincing myself that I am pregnant. I have never been pregnant and may or may not be pregnant right now. I experienced 13 of these symptoms—each for at least 3 seconds—while writing this post.


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151 Responses to 30 Signs and Symptoms of Early Pregnancy from the Thick of the Two Week Wait

  1. A says:

    This is pretty amazing. Bookmarked!

    Hope I can be obsessively referencing it soon.

    • Anonymous says:

      I had some of the symptoms but I menstrated but wasn’t like my every day menstruation. What could be happening.

      • Mx says:

        Hi anonymous, yes i had very short bleed not my normal 4/5 days.
        how u feeling now ? im waiting wondering whats going on with me .
        how far on r u ?

  2. Tosha says:

    Alot of people do not even think about this as been a symptom or even reference to it as a early symptom but what alerted me to the fact that I was pregnant was none of the above it was a small line that appeared on my belly called Linea Nigra. It appeared very early, not in the second phase like most professionals say, so I guess we are all different.

  3. Excessive exercise or anxiety can sometimes cause you to hyperventilate and feel faint. Although exercise can help your circulation, be careful not to overdo it if you’re feeling tired or not well. Start out slowly. If you start to feel lightheaded or dizzy while exercising, stop and lie down.

  4. Sarah Lewellen says:

    Something that is an early symptom but isn’t on the list. Acne. I had it with both my boys and one of the reasons i suspected i was pregnant again with my 3rd. Took a test and i was right. Sadly i miscarried my 3rd. but i have a lot of unruly acne again, as well as feeling really tired and napping and peeing a lot, and getting irritable. so fingers crossed im pregnant again.
    also another symptoms I’ve just remembered is always feeling thirsty.

    • Anonymous says:

      OMG i have been breaking out on my forehead like crazy & i never do – im also 2 weeks late & been feeling thirsty alot for water too im just not sure cos ive never felt this way before.

  5. Bunny says:

    LOVED your list of 30 signs & symptoms!! I also thought it was extremely hilarious how you experienced “13 of the symptoms —- for at least 3 seconds”! 🙂
    ps, Were you actually preganant??

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love it! U are great!

  7. darrien says:

    I’m 18 I have irregular periods but their exactly almost 3 months apart. My last period was middle september and it is now January 27 I have been a month late before but it’s late January and still not showing.. also for the past 3 weeks I have been having period feelings cramps in my lower back but the past 2 days they have been lower than usual and I have been having a pressure feeling in my whole lower back. I haven’t has sickness or anything just headaches the lower back complications and wanting dairy products more than usual.

    • cece says:

      oh my God,,,, we’re the same, I also have irregular period my last period was june 23,2013 until now I experiencing almost 20, well I hope,,,

      • jenny says:

        Hey..I was wondering if you were pregnant after you left this comment?I also am experiencing symtoms and I have a irregular period.

  8. lashty fulopen says:

    everyone is so different it is difficult to determine whether or not you are pregnant before you take a HPT. I think I may be pregnant but it is too early for me to pee on a stick. Every website tells me something different which makes me unsure if I am in fact pregnant or not

  9. Sasa says:

    Hello hi !!! I’ve been feeling very weird lately , having some strange things happening to my body . We always use a condom me and my boyfriend so it happened that one time it blasted and somehow the sperms got to me ( My boyfriend doesn’t even believe that I could be pregnant by his kid because he believe that he managed to pull before the sperms could get on me ) anyways that’s not the point I am , after a 8 days I slept with him my body started acting all strange I had disturbing cramps in my tummy after I tasted alcohol , then after 3 days I had a nose bleed (nothing dramatic just clots) , then my boobs started becoming big and tender and my nipples were hurting too but they got to normal after bleeding , then suddenly a few days later I received my period before my date and it was light and blownish in color that wouldn’t even wet a liner , that bleeding took about 2 and a half day but I had cramps like something was pulling me inside then a backache of which it was a struggle to bend even after I stopped bleeding I still had cramps and backache and swollen hands Oh and I’m now sensitive to any smell I can smell anything especially food when I’m in the other room so I’m not really sure what’s going on because before the bleeding I went for a pregnancy test and it came out negative so I don’t know if I should go again and I’d get an opposite result , I’m really confused …….. !!!!!!!!!

    • esther says:

      Hi sasa, its unfortunate how d guys always believe they r experts. But unknown to them there is always a stubborn embryo that find their way in. You have two of strongest symptoms of pregnancy (tender breasts & tingly pulling feeling in navel,like cramps) then the strong smell.my sister had d signs, she was menstrating every month & even at 11wks both blood tests & ultra sound showed nothing. U shld wait for some weeks & go for a blood pregnancy test.

    • cece says:

      do it again in the morning,,,

    • cece says:

      do it again sasa,,,,

    • ronelda says:

      i had 3 ceiser nd was sterrilised aftr my 3rd baby in 2012 but lately ive been putting on alot of weight my breast is gettin bigger nd darker nd visible veins on my whole body aswell as movements nd kicks but i still get my periods but its not regular my feet sometimes swells nd my hair is growing.can i b pregnant

    • Anonymous says:

      Was it a boy or girl?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ugh I’m the same right now, I’ve had 3 nose bleeds in the past day. My boobs hurt, my lower back aches, I’m so nauseous and can smell EVERYTHING. I’ve been craving things like chocolate ice cream and peanut butter and pickles. And lemonade. Im ONLY 16. But I always use a condom. I have an apptment for birth control next week but now I’m not too sure what to do )):

  10. Barb says:

    so good to read these posts and know i’m not going crazy – experiencing about 70% of all those symptoms and cant wait for this friday (its only tuesday now) when my period is due. will be devastated if not pregnant and more than a little pissed off as I’m feeling like crap now!

  11. cece says:

    I experencing 21 out of these, my sister told me i am obsess of wanting to get pregnant, like you i used home test, result ? negative.
    as long as I’m missing my period I will not stop believing next week of trial, it will turn to positive, I read different articles so I will try it again early in the morning,,,,

  12. Krista says:

    I’m currently in the 2ww and I’ve had the rapid heart beat issue. I don’t remember this being a symptom with my other pregnancies. Here’s to hoping!!

  13. kashires says:

    Im wondering if im suppose to be expecting a surprise because all things i just read is happening such as back pain cramping all ive been eatin is ice cream but ill see if im expecting a gift this week

  14. leasia says:

    im experiencing 12 of these symptoms in i took the test i would be 2 weeks is it too early ?

  15. diana says:

    I have dome of this syptoms . And I haven’t taken no pregnancy test . And I’m vonvinced I’m pregnant.

    • diana says:

      I have irregular period and my last mestrua l was the 22 of oct. No period… I been feeling hsrd cramps and constipations . I dehydrate .. I felt tired easly .. Im sleepy … and I haven’t done no prego test but I feel like I am . !!!! After my period I’ve done it 4 times after that week I was done with my period … and since then nothing…

  16. allie says:

    Glad I found this. My heart rate has been crazy high while laying down. I found out im pregnant yesterday. I have been pregnant 6 times and this is the first time I have had this symptom. Or nausea before 7 weeks. goes to show every pregnancy is different!

  17. Hannah says:

    I’ve had 22 of these symptoms almost 23 (waiting to see if my period comes) I base it on what week it should start and either two days ago or in a few day.Can I take a test before my period starts??

  18. Kawal Gill says:

    Hahaha…. I love your disclaimer….!!! 😂😂😂😂😛😛

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    all for it. They can not only be affected at the spinal level
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  20. Anonymous says:

    hi, a week after i had sex last in mid august, i experienced massive amounts of headaches 4 days in row 1 week, same next, then it lasted a week long with sever neck pain. last month was 9 days late and then had extremely light bleeding that turned into bright red/light pink spotting then bright red and next day was light again and was gone. then probly 2 weeks later had a lot and i mean alot of white discharge, everytime i went to use the restroom and what not, more came out. took a pregnancy test about a week later, said negative. this month, my period was 2 days early but extremely light and coming out in blotches of bright red, then bit of regular red but was mostly mucus or whatever is the equivalent to discharge with bit of the regular period blood clots that sometimes come out, and the next day it was just small amounts and disappeared before it reached day 3. during this time, I’ve experienced headaches, this past weekend was migraines followed with 1 nite of vomiting; anxiety attacks, hot flashes, dizziness, some moodiness mostly irritable, backaches for the past month or so; bloating & exhaustion since august, change in appetite where hungry 1 minute and loss of appetite the next, maybe 2 lbs the most gain and lose only to gain back & lose again, mild cramps except about 3 weeks ago where cramps were painful due to a reaction from drinking vitamin water, and last constipation. now I’m experiencing nausea when I wake up as well as throughout the day, and as of today constantly rushing to the restroom and had diarrhea (tmi I know sorry). I took 2 different brand pregnancy tests, both came out negative. thinking maybe I should take a blood test Friday. if I am pregnant, I would probly be 2 months- 9 weeks pregnant yet this is as far as symptoms go that I am experiencing which is probly a lil over half of what is listed here. if I am pregnant, this is definitely quite the accidental kind, and it would be my first so not sure whether to be happy or not, I want to be, but the situation is complicated. could I still be pregnant peeps? or could it be something else?

  21. brittini mann says:

    I’ve been trying to conceive for awhile now with my last pregnancy I took many tests but didn’t know I was pregnant until I was almost three months I wonder if I could be pregnant I puked a lot of orange like I did my last pregnancy just almost two weeks ago and haven’t had my period in over a month but get sharp cramps that wake me in my sleep also I’ve lost my appetite or want to puke if I try to eat yet I have a belly and look bloated like in the v area. Is it possible I’m pregnant and should I go get blood work to be on the safe side ?

    • Anonymous says:

      I posted before, mine turned out to be a hormonal imbalance aka ghost pregnancy, just go see a doctor about it not to sound insensitive but go see ur obgyn

  22. Liz says:

    So I need some input on this.. I have always had my period on time & back in August I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend while I was on my period b/c he said you can’t get pregnant when you’re on your period (after the fact researching that I’ve found that to not be accurate). I normally start my period on the 24-25thish somtimes earlier, but never any later. I was having minor symptoms of being pregnant so my boyfriend & I thought I was & had unprotected sex numerous times.. but then I got my period Sept 2 (Never had one that late) but something inside me still thought I was pregnant.. and I’ve had my periods since, Oct 30 & November 27.. I have took numerous urine tests (maybe 5) that have come back negative & even a blood test back in late Oct that came back negative but when my mom was pregnant with all 4 of her kids pregnancy tests always would come back negative & she had her periods for a while.. but back in September I had horrible sickness at night & like 30 minutes after I woke up (nausea).. and had to take ginger pills to feel better. I’m not having any morning sickness anymore, it stopped in like mid Oct but I occasionally have bad night sickness to the point where I cant sleep. My lower back always hurts now, I have a rash on my tummy that has been there since the beginning, my nails & hair grow really fast now. I’m getting acne but Im still young so who knows with that. I have amazing smell now, my boobs have definitely gotten bigger (even my bf noticed) My breast arent sore, but my nipples use to never be sore at all & they are really sensitive now, I have very noticeable veins on feet, arms, hands, shoulder going down my breast, and slightly noticeable veins going down my stomach & noticeable veins around my abdomen.. I think I look bigger but my boyfriend said I still look skinny.. I am always tired now. I take naps for like 5 hours when I get home from my college classes, and I can never sleep at night b/c I cant get comfortable, I stress out about whether Im pregnant or not b/c I have tmj & Im suppose to take prescription ibuprofen & muscle relaxer for it but I stopped b/c I dont wanna harm my baby if Im pregnant. I am very fit but now I cant do anything at the gym without feeling totally exhausted. All I do now is walk on the treadmill lol. I am ALWAYS hungry. I am so moody & I cry all the time over everything which is so not me. I dont feel like myself anymore. I feel pregnant & I really think I am. I have no desire to be pregnant b/c Im in college & its the last thing I need right now, but everytime I try to tell myself Im crazy & that the tests came back negative it just doesnt feel right!! My boyfriend doesnt think I am at all.. he says “You’ve gotten numerous negative tests back & you’ve had 3 periods, what more do you need?” because he’s an insensitive asshole. I dont know what to do anymore & it really upsets me that my boyfriend isnt supportive & wont listen to what Im saying! Am I just crazy or what do you think?

    Please comment back, even if you dont have any advice. I have no one to talk about this with (my parents would kill me if they knew), and I’m too busy to have any real friends to talk to about it, and my boyfriend is an idiot. I just need a women that understands. Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ure not pregnant but if u must have a confirmation go see ur obgyn, she will probably tell you it’s a possible hormonal imbalance which to translate in English “you gave yourself a ghost pregnancy” when you are trying to get pregnant sometimes you want it so bad that the stress then takes a toll on your body and messes with your period.

    • Anonymous says:

      And your boyfriend isn’t insensitive, he’s right. 1 period is more than enough proof to tell you that you’re not pregnant. If you really are trying to get pregnant talk with him about it first. Otherwise use a condom and go on birth control. Shouldn’t bring a baby into this world if you both aren’t ready and stable security wise by security I mean both your relationship and financially.

    • Anonymous says:

      Liz you never told us what happened and my friend would really like to know….

  23. tshepiso says:

    All the signs are there … Am a mother to be

  24. Anonymous says:

    Wow I just noticed today all my veins showing around my torso/abdomen(very different) and about 10 minutes ago I had the weirdest metalic taste in my mouth. Ive also had a very sensitive stomach, gas, diarrhea for the last 2 days and slight nausea when I woke up today. I thought it was all in my head. I am however only 3-7 days pregnant! Thank you for this post!

  25. aysha says:

    I have almost all of them I think I’m three weeks pregnant but I haven’t taken the test yet

  26. I have all those signs listed above but am just confused,I was supposed to have my periods on 17th of june and now I count it to be a missed period because its 1st july but I haven’t gotten my periods yet. I checked for almost 7times but results were all negative. I feel something in my lower right part of the belly and crampings but seroiusly can’t tell what’s gooing on with me.

  27. Sarah Forbush says:

    I have every sympyom – constipation. Ttc for 6 mos now, had what i beleive was implantation bleeding 8 days ago, exactly one week before my period was due, since then ive been progresively feeling run down,crampy, and all of the above. Faint + on hpt.

  28. Corie says:

    Another symptom that isn’t on any of the lists, but was my earliest sign (even before missing a period): Severe wrist pain. I have regularly held jobs which used repetitive wrist motion, and never had a problem, when suddenly my left wrist would hurt so severely I had difficulty working. Not suspecting pregnancy (we had been trying for months with no luck, so we took this month off, only had sex once, to try and reduce the pressure on ourselves to just make this baby already!!!) – anyway, not suspecting pregnancy, I bought a high quality wrist brace, which did little to alleviate the general pain, but at least allowed me to perform my duties at work. I eventually was so sore I googled carpal tunnel syndrome to find ways to alleviate the associated pain.

    Although I have never seen a pregnancy symptom list include carpal tunnel, EVERY carpal tunnel site I found associated it commonly with pregnancy.

    A week later the hot flashes started, and I had a positive pregnancy test, even before my missed period (and another two weeks later for confirmation).

    I am now 8 weeks along and very sick, but looking forward to meeting my new little one in another 7 months. 😍

  29. hima shwetha says:

    Z it possible of getting pregnent with out breaking of vagina??

    • Anonymous says:

      If you mean “Is it possible to get pregnant without having sex?” Then your absolute answer is No. To get pregnant, sex (and penetration) is of course needed. It doesn’t happen any other way.

  30. hilda says:

    Hi everyone,i had sex a day after my monthly flow on june,saw my period by July and August but it didn’t flow well yet to see my September flow.lately,i have been feeling weird like I am pregnant,i have done series of blood and urine test and it all came out negative but I still feel like there is something inside of me. I am so confused don’t know what to do and I don’t want a baby yet

  31. unknown says:

    Hey I’ve been reading all of these things and me and my boyfriend had sex but it wasn’t long then he camed but it was so quick and I think he took it out in time but I’ve been getting strange tingly feelings in my tummy like something is about to happen I’m constantly vomitin sugar makes me wane peuke my heart beats fast when my tummy tingels heavy discharge and back pains now I’m not sure what it is

  32. Dulcia says:

    I have a lot of these symptoms! Intense dreams, fatigue, dark areoles, missed period, mild abdominal cramping, loss of appetite, I know I’m not starting my period bc usually I eat a lot a week before. Today broke my heart. I got a clear blue digital pregnancy test and it came out negative..😢 I have irregular periods but I really believed I was pregnant. I used ovulation calendars/ predictors but idk… I’m really bummed bc even my husband believed I was. Two nights ago I threw up twice and felt fine after that. Haven’t had a problem since. Could it be that I can’t get pregnant?

  33. precious says:

    Am having cramps pain after my period very tired powerless what does it means with a bad discharge my periods were very light

  34. Reblogged this on Little Ledger and commented:
    Loved this post!

    Particularly the spot on comment about convincing yourself of having these symtoms.

    Every single thing be it a flutter or a twinge (my heartbeat sped up for 3 seconds…I googled it!) has me wishing its a symptom.

    Heres hoping some of these actually fit with you, if so huge congratulations. I will take myself and my sudden shade of green to the other room!


  35. Kaitlyn Rosenbauer says:

    I have been having everyone of these symptoms and no period for two months just spotting. Last period was July 29 and spotting for three or four days when or after it’s due. Two negative tests I think? So yeah I’m getting worried don’t know if anyone does please help me and let me know any advice would be great at this point

  36. Desiree says:

    Well im 16 years of age ill be 17 in december . I’m having some of these symptoms such ass visible big blue veins in my breasts , early cramping , darken nipples , sore tender breasts , bloating and constipation .My last period was September 11, 2015 and i had sexual contact September 19, 2015 my next period was supposed to come on October 9, 2015 but never showed . I don’t want to obsess over the fact that i might be but im just not sure . Should i ignore it or go see my doctor ?

  37. nicole says:

    Have 25 sings but two negitive pregnantcy test

  38. caroline says:

    i am having most of these when i was bathing i noticed my veins where more out always never cokd see them hard sticker for blood peeing more vomiting cravings for eggs and sweet stuff including fruit back aches head aches breast swollen and hurts symtoms started coming along 3 weeks before my period two weeks even worse and more symtoms now i am having cramps 2 weeks left until i can test which is nov 4 i have tested all neg lets hope its early symtoms i never felt like this i got of depo august and really wanna concieve i went on the pill a month after to fix periods got one on the first of oct i hope i am and best of luck to all out there trying it isnt easy after depo

  39. Cassidy says:

    Well, beginning of October I had sex he did cum in me. Well 3 days later I had my period which wasn’t right. I was suppose to start somewhere on the 20th or that week. Well I had it for 6 days I always have it for 7. Weird. Well after 1 week I have felt like crap I’m sick, I’ve been peeing more and I have been having heartburn like crazy. I’ve been getting sick eating a lot and just been plain tired. And now it’s 21st and I started cramping and it was weird well I started bleeding brown and I shouldn’t have 2 periods a months that’s really rare but I do have irregular periods. Am I pregnant? Or is something going on?

  40. Elsie says:

    i had all the 30signs a week after sex and my period was late by 2 days and i couldn’t even wear a bra, had lower abdominal cramps and had bad backaches and pullings i was drinking 6 litres of water daily and the bathroom was my friend, could even smell something outside when i was inside and the sleepless nights and cramps and then on day 33 when i was about to go to bed and after peeing i wiped an there was blood, my heart sank cz my bf was so excited about this baby, it wasnt heavy but this morning i was really dark heavy blood but im still moody and my breats are sore and the thirst isnt going away at all. i am not sure whats going on anymore.

    • Elsie says:

      i forgot to add something, i had sex 2 weeks before my period was due and it came 2 days late and im still cramping, not sure whether its period pains or cramos

  41. Corona says:

    I have all these but urine test dont work on me or blood only can tell by ultrasound i was 6 months before i found out with first and 8 months the second i dont get the pregnant tummy ! Im pretty dang sure iam but going to dr friday i hope it is positve

  42. Sciver says:

    This is the only thing I have found that seems somewhat relevant to what I’m experiencing. I hope someone can help me. It’s driving me nuts. My periods have always been irregular. But this month my period only lasted a day (Oct. 23 – Oct. 24). That has never happened to me before. I have back pain, horrible headaches everyday, nausea everyday, constipation, white discharge (sorry if tmi), I have cramps that are coming and going all day, bloating, swollen, tired. I have had a lot of heartburn and a couple days ago I tasted metal and dirt. But did not crave it. I go to the restroom a lot but I do not have tender or swollen breasts. It always feels like I’m going to start my period but never do.
    I also have anxiety so a lot of these issues confuse me because they are also relevant to that as well.
    But I find it hard to believe I’m preggo because my husband had a vasectomy last June.
    I guess I’m confused on what to think here.
    Every test I take is neg. Am I just paranoid, stressed or what?

  43. Tyler says:

    I have aome of these symptoms even though im the male in this relationship… My girlfriend is somewhat indenial of the probable. 99.9 percent chance that shes pregnant even with the weight gain in tummy boobs and butt and mood swings and food cravingsnin middle of night etc the list goes on… She knows she feels pregnant but scared too take a test as tho this isnt thee best time but we both want another child and we both have two daughters…
    She could be anywhere from 3 weeks too 3 months as for weve had unprotected sex multiple times a day for the last 8 months and if she had any bleeding durin period cycle it was during rough hard crazy sex and lasted only a few days but she had a light pink spotting known as implantation and theres really know chance shes not pregnant wich scares us but the sex gets too good too pull out we both always cum at the same time so who wants too stoo and sacrifice both our nuts right?
    What do i do?

    • Ngladden says:

      Wow…If you guys wanna act adult enough to do the deed then be adult enough to take responsibility for the consequences. She needs to take a test regardless of how good of a time it is for you guys and begin taking care of herself and the baby…it is SLIGHTLY POSSIBLE she is not tho not as likely as the other outcome bit if you guys are lucky then she needs to get on some sort of birth control… no child should have to suffer of being unwanted because of the irresponsibility of its parentz…

  44. Tyler says:

    I have aome of these symptoms even though im the male in this relationship… My girlfriend is somewhat indenial of the probable. 99.9 percent chance that shes pregnant even with the weight gain in tummy boobs and butt and mood swings and food cravingsnin middle of night etc the list goes on… She knows she feels pregnant but scared too take a test as tho this isnt thee best time but we both want another child and we both have two daughters…
    She could be anywhere from 3 weeks too 3 months as for weve had unprotected sex multiple times a day for the last 3 months and if she had any bleeding durin period cycle it was during rough hard crazy sex and lasted only a few days but she had a light pink spotting known as implantation and theres really know chance shes not pregnant wich scares us but the sex gets too good too pull out we both always cum at the same time so who wants too stoo and sacrifice both our nuts right?
    What do i do?

  45. Anonymous says:

    i am always hungry even when i walk up in the morning and felt diarrhea at the same time. last time i felt something about my mucus . am i pregnant ?

  46. Nikki says:

    Ive been having what could be early pregnancy symptoms . My stomach has been a little bigger , bloated sort of , nausea ( made worse by some smells ) , my breasts and nipples have been larger and tender , my nipples have been slightly darker with bumps secreting small amounts of clear liquid , frequent urination and headaches , yeast infection , period is about 6 days late but my last period was light spotting for only two days , noticably more tired , food cravings , constipation and diarrhea at different times . I have stomach ulcers &&’ ive also read that worrying about being pregnant can make your body think you are pregnant . I dont know how reliable that is though . I dont have access to a home pregnancy or doctor pregnancy testing blood or urine for at least two weeks . I wouldnt say this is stressing me out but i would like to know as soon as possible and dont want to wait two weeks . The earlier i know the sooner i could start taking care of a pregnancy . I was wondering if you could please give an opinion on whether you think im pregnant , or if these sypmtoms are being caused by my ulcers , stress , or just all in my head . Thank you .

    • Anonymous says:

      For a lot of these ppl on here seems like it’s jus all in their head…However u have not yet started your period? I haven’t heard of ulcers causing a lot of those symptoms but since it may take u up to 2 weeks to get a test done the only thing I know to tell u tht can MAYBE give u the slightest clue is look up how to MAKE home prego tests…Good luck

  47. georgieb429 says:

    I have a rather complicated situation, I’d really appreciate it if anyone with a similar experience could reply! I just had knee surgery about 10 days ago, my period was due 9 days ago but still has not arrived. I’ve heard that surgery can cause a delay but I am experiencing many symptoms I can’t ignore. How can you know if your period is delayed due to surgery or pregnancy? Normally my skin is great but all of a sudden, since about 5 days ago my face has been breaking out. I have nausea in the mornings when I wake up and the worst gas that I’ve had as long as I remember. I’m also constipated but again I don’t know if this is due to surgery or not!! My bf and I have had unprotected sex during my fertile period this month so (fingers crossed) its pregnancy signs. I’ve also had hot flushes, creamy discharge and sore breasts. Before my period I always get sore nipples but never have I had sore breasts, certainly not like this!! I have very pale skin (just about translucent – gotta love albinism) which means my veins always show, even on my breasts, so this isn’t much of a sign for me. I’ve also been having incredibly vivid dreams (woke up from one such dream to find I’d been crying during it!) and have been waking up to nosebleeds. Unfortunately, due to my surgery, I cannot walk, let alone drive and have not been able to go and buy a test. But with nausea, vomiting, gas, constipation, sore breasts, vivid dreams, hot flushes, creamy and abundant cm and nosebleeds I’m left wondering: Is it likely I am pregnant or could this all be due to having quite invasive surgery?

  48. Tammie says:

    I’ve taken 3 HPT. my cycle started Oct.24-28 a week later I noticed spotting from the day I started spotting I experienced Migraines Dizziness shortness of breath vomiting and right now as I write this comment my stomach feels full having minor pains on my left side of the abdomen . All HPT Came back negative but my body is really feeling different. Anybody else with the same problems at about 3 weeks also? HELP Lol 😂

    • ronelda says:

      hi.i had 3 ceisers nd was sterrilised aftr my 3rd baby in 2012.for the last 3mothns ive been gettin iregulr periods picking up alot of weight my breast gettin biggr nd darker veins every where my hair is shiny nd is growing alot i get moodswings nd like to cry easily i get movemnts nd kicks in my stomach ive done 3 test 2 wks bck i test with clear blue nd it was also neg.i did an ultra sound plus bloodtest both was neg but the movements is still here.is there any doctrs that can explain to me

  49. mary says:

    Is anybody else a little confused of the disclaimer on bottom?? I thought this was your 2nd TTC?? But the disclaimer on bottom says you were never pregnant and not sure if you are now.

  50. Sabrina says:

    The only thing is that I Didnt have a període for the month of november

  51. confused!!! says:

    Hi so I’m very confused I’ve been pregnant before but I never really know I just that feeling that something is not right well I’ve been having heart burn daily followed by frequent urination & not to mention how gassy I’ve been lately I went to er a couple weeks ago they did a pap on me & said there was a Lil blood that I could be starting my period well I never did I just spotted and not very much, I’m not late yet but usually the beginning of the month is my time and also my stomach feels very weird no birth control and my boyfriend came inside me about a month ago I got my period a cpl days after but didn’t last long & then all these symptoms I’ve been craving weird stuff like when I went to the hospital I told them everything & they said its nothing but a u.t.I well I haven’t had sex for about a month now and on top of everything i just started having a yeast infection to top it all off!! I’m very confused can someone please tell me what’s going on! Am I pregnant? And it was just to soon to tell medically but I’m feeling it physically??..,

  52. Sheila says:

    I have had 14 of these symptom but yet still I refuse to take a pregnancy test… 😩

  53. Anonymous says:

    I’m 16. I haven’t had a lot of sexual intercourse, and if yes, all have been with a condom and extra caution, as to check if it breaks during or after, which it never has. I’ve been presenting some nausea, heart rate increase, and my belly is rather bloated. No changes in my appetite, or anything else, but I do have some abnormal vaginal discharges. I don’t know when my next period was supposed to start for the fact that I’m highly irregular and it took me over 3-4 months once. Anyone know? I’m genuinely scared.

  54. Glenda says:

    I am a 45 year old female I have been (all of a sudden) experiencing all the following symptoms is this a sign of being pregnant. I have started having the following symptoms severe headaches, larger breast size, blue veins around my breast, nausea,

  55. bibi says:

    pls help.am a virgin but my boy friend and i got playing and he came(cum)on my vulva but he didnt insert his penis in my virgina…am i safe?i dont know if am pregnant that way.

  56. unknown says:

    I feel at least 16 of these symptoms

  57. Danielle says:

    I ve had a s light period on 17 th-22nd of December, and after a few days I ve been bleeding but it’s very light pink that I noticed the I ve been a wee, and the bleeding ain’t stop its been going on for about 3 weeks now and the blood keeps changing now goes to very like pink then red blood then red/brown , I done a pregnant test and it show up I’m not pregnant, and I keep gagging and keep being sick , I ain’t been sick all the time just mornings really, I don’t know what’s wrong with me !

    • tailor hunter says:

      If you have bad crapms it could be a miscarriage not all pg test work 9out of 15 women can’t use them and they have to a a blood pregnancy test. You should go to you obgyn or doctor and get that checkt out.

  58. WonderinMAMA35 says:

    I’m experiencin 19 out of the 30 symptoms, but so far my HPT and Blood tests come up Negative. Can this mean I am pregnant? Or because I went off BC 3 months ago? Had sex about a month ago and he did let it out inside, twice. Or would these be symptoms from Hypothyroidism? I do have 3 kids and I know for my first 2 children the tests came out negative until I was 3 months in. Not sure for I think this is making me crazy, also wondering if this is all in my head. I did notice frequent urination, constipation, diarrhea, acne, sore lower back, mood swings, one day period (light) so apparently that’s spotting. Blood on when I wipe after I pee, but no actual blood flow like a period, fatigue, change in appetite, smells that make me want to gag, headaches/migraines, bloated.. I don’t know what to think? Any advice?

  59. I read that 9 out of 15 women that get a urine test at the doctor comes up negative every time up until about week 13 or even more but I have hives I pee a lot and I’m tired my lower back hurts and I cannot for the life of me get comfortable. I’m shaky all over and my buttox feel like I have been doing squats. I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not I always convince myself I am when I’m not but this time it feels real. I had my symptoms before I knew they we’re symptoms. I’m dizzy and my dreams are more often and I can remember them clearly. I get angry fast. But I don’t know. Can someone help me fins out if these are symptoms or just my mind or just a cold. My nose is also stuffed all the time. And my acne is bad. My ha D’s and feet are swollen been like this a few days. Help?

  60. Kanak gautam says:

    I do a pregnancy kit test but the line is very light…. i do second time then the test negative …. i do third time again that was negative ..
    But I missing my period nd I hv periods pain nd pain in legs n knees nd headache too…
    What could I do..
    Help me

  61. lyric says:

    Hi,I’m feel different my period came on last month on the 7th in now its on early on the 4th I’ve been having sharp pain on my side and diarrhea also I’ve been feeling tired,and my mouth as been dry so it cause me to drank a lot of water which makes me pee a lot.plus the other day while going to the bathroom I got a little dizzy. What can this be?

  62. Amanda Shoker says:

    I’ve got 14 of these symptoms

    • Amanda Shoker says:

      Sorry i forgot to add……I done a home pregnancy test and it came back negative I was stopping for 2 days which is usual for me I have been to the docs and they’ve taken two urine sample! They’ve said if I am not pregnant it could be a water infection and if its neither it could be something more serious, I am worrying as I don’t think it’ll be a water infection as I’ve had one before and I never got any of these symptoms

  63. jess says:

    I am 6days late just had operation on ovaries clear cysts removed left tube 2 months ago I done 3 test all very faint line is it to early to detected

    • Anonymous says:

      All my tests come back very faint. ..If it shows up within the first couple min it is a positive tho sorry to add the only bad thing is very faint could indicate chemical pregnancy in over half the ppl if it’s past a certain point…I get faints even after five weeks tho and 1 out of two times every thing turns out fine… test again in couple days if it gets darker thats a great sign everything’s ok. Good luck

  64. Anonymous says:

    One of my first pregnancy indicators… excessively oily skin and hair and a slight Weird feeling in my head… I rarely start getting the most common signs until 8 to 10 weeks prego but I get most of the very weird and not as common signs

  65. Alannahlewis says:

    I am. Two weeks on my period does am mite pregnant

  66. bigmama says:

    I have 18 of the symtoms mentioned above. I am 51 regular periods since the age of 12 could I be expecting? The headache n the smell thing ugh horrible n dizzy even while im laying in bed.

  67. Shawna says:

    So im on the depovera shot and its supposed to be really reliable but we have not been useing any other protection and lately i have had all but 3 of your symptoms that you have listed i have had these feeling and symptoms beofre but when i took 2 different test they came back negative before but i ended up actually having a miscarriage so would you think that i could be pregnant because it came back negative before?

  68. ks says:

    I did 4 tests 2 were negative 2 had very faint second lines. I have some symptoms n I have no idea when I’m due I don’t keep track of that. I know I’d only be about 2 weeks tops if I am. Does a second faint line class as a positive

  69. Anonymous says:

    i have tender breast and it seems dark around the edge i get hot out of no where and want the air on me i get random cramps and back pain some more frequent then others i get really hungry sometimes and sometimes i dont feel like eating a food cause i get grossed out or i feel my stomach upset im really gassy i get sleepy alot sometimes and sometimes i wake up wide awake not even tired even if i slept 6 hours out of 8 im not sure if i am pregnant but reading this makes me believe i am i need some help ladies.

  70. lynn says:

    Well I been having all of those, and I’m afraid because my tubes are tied. CAN SOMEOME HELP ME PLEASE????

  71. Naomi says:

    Hi, i was just wondering if anyone could help me, I have irregular periods but last month I had my period on 14 of march 2016 but it latest for 16-17 days n never had it happen ever before, and normally I’m heavy but it was light n I’d have brownish n pink on different days after my proper period that last about 4-7 days and I did a pregnancy test but was negative but would it have been to soon to tell and I have not yet come on my period this month, please could someone help me x

    • Taylor says:

      If you’re on the pill sometimes that can happen if you take it at different times or if you missed a day 🙂

  72. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been trying to get pregnant my boyfriend doesn’t think he can have kids but I have morning sickness I lost so much weight I always feel sick and can never ever eat and if I do eat it has to be certain things.. my hair fell out really bad I can be walking and just get dizzy out of no where (doesn’t happen as much anymore) I had diarrhea really bad it slowed down alot all I wanna do is sleep im very moody I have headaches more often then usual my period is weird and I havent had mine for this month im experiencing about 11 of theses symptoms I took a home pt it was negative can somebody help me please

  73. Anonymous says:

    I am 16 and i missed my period. I normally have irregular periods but this month i had sex and started spotting light pink/brown spotting after having intercourse. Normal discharge thou no foul smell or color. What do i do ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Get tested for stds, and pregnancy. Wear a condom next time you’re to young to he a mom . Be smart

    • Taylor says:

      Count the days between the end of your period and now. If it’s more than 28 days 100% get a preg test. Good luck x

  74. Taylor says:

    I have had the worst heartburn for the past three days after waking up. I’ve been extremely gassy and tired. Don’t even start me on my moods!
    I highly doubt I’m pregnant, because we’ve been having unprotected sex (not trying just doing the deed) for around 1 year and nothing’s happened. So I don’t know. But if I am that’s exciting, and I’ll post if I am 😀

  75. felicia says:

    I had unprotected sex on my period and 15 days later I been having diarrhea, stomach pains and sore breasts. Is it too early to take a pregnancy test cause i tooked one a few days ago and I was negative. And when should I take a pregnancy test

  76. Stacy says:

    I have most of these symptoms and the line on my tummy veins in my breast and more but I have started my period two days ago it was three days late when it came on we have been trying to conceive for some time I have take an hpt got a very light line thinking it might be an evap even though it had color took a second and third both were negative I’m not sure what is going on with me does anyone have any advise for me

  77. Kishana Carr says:

    That is a hilarious disclaimer 😂😂😂😂

  78. lucia says:

    Well I got my normal period 1st week ofJune around 16 June i had unprotected sex after 4 day I had period light flow than usual for 4 days…every morning I feel dizzy, cravings for food, I feel like I can vomit and I’m dark in color BT im becoming brighter my nose is becoming big am I pregnant?

  79. Dee says:

    Two months late now. My last period was may 2nd and it came 6 days early and was on the light side then on may 10th I had 3 day spotting. And nothing since then but cramping headaches nausea. Last time I tested I was 15 days late and got a negative. So I have no idea what’s going on.

  80. scary says:

    im having chest pains mi breast have this tingling feeling alot and my heartrate is faster bt i had mi period 2days nw it rven came before my menstuation time and i have been having hot flashes can all this happen in 2-3 weeks

  81. Monika says:

    I 29 yrs of age I hve been having chemical pregnant for so long .know and I feel like I am pregnant know soo strong .I start taking prenatal vitamins this days cose I want to have a baby soo badly my boobs are having veins but and very sore but my pregnant test hve come negative .wht can I do I am suffering know I feel sad I am just unhappy .

  82. Anonymous says:

    I have 25 out of the 30 but still see af Im so confused n neg blood n neg hpt feel like I am going crazy

    • Nghiwewelekwa62 says:

      I wnt to ask who was having a chemical pregnant bt know has a baby cose scarred my be I will not going to hve a baby of my own

      Sent from Samsung MobileThe Preconceptionist wrote:

  83. kimwig101 says:

    I have at least 17 of these symptoms…first thing i noticed was hot flashes, which have been going on for over a month…pain in pelvic are at times…and weird sensations in stomach, pelvic are and breast&nipples.

    • kimwig101 says:

      …i also know people…and they know people who still had periods or period like bleedding while pregnant. Even with cramps.even with clots…whether it was first month, for a few months, for 5 months, for the whole pregnancy….and I’ve read plenty of forums and blogs from other women that have had this happen…

      Btw i did get my period end of june into beginning of july(julys period); this has been happening since end of dec til beginning of jan(jans period); and every month since.
      It didnt last as long though and was a lil weird..and light on a day it shouldn’t have been.

      • kimwig101 says:

        A friend had picked me up a test..but from the dollar store( though ppl say they have worked before..i dont entirely trust em); took it around 3am..came out negative..but im still going to the doctors….and they say urine, and even blood tests, at the doctors or hospital, can also come out false negative…to ask for a transvaginal ultrasound, if ur not that far along.. If you’re like 6-8 weeks regular ultrasound may be ok..but still request the transvaginal one as well.

  84. imaniey says:

    I have experienced most of these symptoms but my problem is when I did the hpt it came out negative so am a little disappointed …the other symptoms like headaches ..heartburn ..mood swings vivid dreams urinating…nausea sore breast are here…I had my periods on July 16/20 and they came back again on 24/July they started like brownish jelly then yesterday they were bright red and by last afternoon/night they were dark brown..today there is no blood at all..please help

  85. kondja says:

    how soon do I confirm that I am pregnant

  86. Amber DeLeon says:

    Perhaps you’re a hypochondriac. Lol

  87. Clay Whyte says:

    Hi am clay( TTC) I had my period Nov 1 ended the fifth I ovulate from the 11 of Nov to Nov 15 or 16 .I had sex 2 days b4 I ovulated then I stated to have pregnancy symptoms then my expected period was to come 2 of dec I have a 31 day cycle it did not then on the fifth of DEC light vaginal bleeding from pale red to a little lighter am I pregnant or not .o and on the 28 I had sex again also .I have been trying for about since September and nth .

  88. Brianna says:

    So me and my fiancé are TTC, my period is due tomorrow, Wednesday.
    I have taken a pregnancy test the last 4-5 days (Since it says on the box 6 days soon than your missed period)
    I already have an almost 4 year old son, so I have done this before but to TTC for him was a one time try, piece of cake. So I have never dealt with a difficult time with TTC. (my son and the baby I am trying conceive now have 2 different fathers)
    Well all my pregnancy test have come back negative.
    I don’t feel pregnant.
    But I have noticed, after TTC I was cramping REALLY bad (not anymore), now I notice my areola’s are getting darker, I am having a mix between egg white stretchy/thick and creamy discharge the past 2 days, an appetite increase, more of a sex drive, can’t sleep because I keep waking up to either having to pee or having “I’m pregnant” dreams. I don’t know if it’s my mind playing games on me or if I am truly pregnant. Any suggestions? Or just wait a couple more days to test again?

    With my son, I knew I was pregnant just a week and a half after trying for him. The sign that gave it away was my boobs hurt so bad, like puberty all over again. Didn’t even need to pee on a test, I just knew.
    This time around I got nothing & I am feeling very discourage like it won’t happen again. :/


  89. Brynlee Hale says:

    Hi! My name is Brynlee. My boyfriend and I had sex a week after my period ended and I’m not sure when I ovulated. Anyways, we pulled out and I swear he didn’t ejaculate in me, I saw him pull out and everything, but we did do it multiple times. Well my period is due in two days and I’m having zero pms symptoms. But my nipples are really sore and areolas are dark and defiantly larger. I’m having middle back pain. More veins everywhere, mainly in my hips and boobs and legs. Dizziness and headaches as well as quick twinges in left ovary. Heartburn and lack of appetite. Sleeping for hours and still being tired. Also, can smell everything. Could I possibly be pregnant?

  90. grace says:

    since i took in I have been bleeding bt still have some signs

  91. Jossie says:

    I had a few weird symptoms but don’t know if I’m pregnant so if y’all can help me!! I started having breast pains and period cramps but no period !! It’s going on like this for two weeks now!! I do have headaches but it may be caused by the heat!! I didn’t take a pregnancy test yet because I’m waiting to see if I will get my period or not!!

  92. I’m going through 19 of these symptoms and I tested positive that I’m pregnant…… Do I still need to be sure that I am expecting?

  93. SB says:

    I’ve had quite a few of these symptoms. I even have a black line on my tummy, but all the tests are coming back negative.

  94. Kate says:

    I love the humor at the end! Thank you for that!

  95. Olly says:

    I have all the symtoms written except vomiting but my period came a day earlier than expected and not very tick though i did AI, pls am i pregnant?

  96. wonderworld44 says:

    Hi everyone for the past week to 2 week and a half maybe more I have been feeling more exhausted than ever have had the weirdest cravings a bit different then the last two pregnancies I have had. Then I have been getting nauseaous and throwing up like I did in my first pregnancy so I am thinking if I am pregnant this might be a girl because with my second pregnancy I hardly threw up and had boys. My body feels different I thought it was ovulation but it isn’t I have missed two periods and only bleed lightly. I am super hungry so I am thinking this could be twins again oh my I have been hungry every hour and a hard time doing the number 2 plus peeing too much. Does it sound like I am pregnant? And how many weeks do you all think I could be? Maybe I could be having fraternal twins boy and girl?

  97. Anon says:

    It is now 6months after i lost my baby 26 weeks. I am experiencing 20 of the above sypmtoms, since my last cycle (last month), 16days late and a negative HPT. what’s wrong with me???

  98. Ivy says:

    I love ur sense of humor

  99. Anonymous says:

    The disclaimer 😂

  100. Misty Finney says:

    I’m 5 days late on my period and in April I got off of depo (it was the shot) my boobs have been sore for the last week, I have visible veins, I’ve had headaches, feeling sick,back aches like crazy, and feeling more tired the last week or so. I took a pregnant a day before my period and it said negative should I wait for a couple of more weeks before i take another one? Im worried bcuz on the first of this month i was spotting light red it looked more pink im suppose to start my period which was the 18 and i never did… what should i do.

  101. Your closing statements cracked me up! 😂😂😂😂 omg I could have written those same words. Did you end up preggo?

  102. chibaby says:

    after my period the following week i had bad taste in my mouth,and my breast become heavy and my nipples pain me a little,i had cramps a day and it gone feeling as been sick a day and it gone,all this was happening 1 to 3weeks unlike before and now is 4week i had cramps and i perceive periododor as if my period is coming,my period wil be due on sunday being 20august,plz can someone say something to me

  103. Confused momma says:

    WEll …..
    22 out of the list I have now for three weeks but after 8 home pregnancy test and blood work I’m still getting negatives,,,, very confused right now. I feel pregnant but what are you to do if you are getting all these negatives????? I would love an answer

  104. Eunice wanjira says:

    You are amazing,am in Kenya n boy do I have 21of these symptoms n I tell myself bum!!!!!! am finally there but haven’t taken a pregnancy test am scared to b negative n have to zero start again…….let’s hope……MMU r super analytive.cheers to hopeful us.

  105. roxiexo says:

    I have missed my second day in to my period and I am never late. I have little to non symptoms. Slight cramping feeling light headed once or twice and I have lost my appetite it’s been over a week. I have also noticed a discharge. Iv done a pg test but came back negative. Iv read plenty telling me I could be to early to test and to try again in a week. But im going out of my mind. Anyone have any advice.

  106. Anonymous says:


  107. Michelle says:

    What are the chance being pregnant? Reason being I had sex before ovulation and on the day of ovulation? As I been getting weird symptoms for about a week. I have been feeling dizzy, nausea, occasionally I throw up, changing of my breast, gassy, cramping, bloating, weight gain, frequently need to pee a lot. What should I do?

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