Paternalism and the Worry Warp

My Bichon successfully delivered the news to M.

Bichon delivers the news to daddy.

“Oh my god. Oh my GOD. Wow!” he said. After the initial shock subsided, he piped up again, “What if it’s a false positive? How do you know it’s real?”

I proceeded to inform him of the near impossibility of a false positive in women my age who have not undergone fertility assistance. “Ask any woman,” I firmly asserted.

That any woman turned out to be my neighbor—mother of a 15 month old. “You should take another test and visit your doctor to confirm the pregnancy.”


I don’t need a doctor to tell me I’m pregnant. My home test detected HCG in my urine. My boobs hurt. I’m nauseous. I have to pee ALL THE TIME. I’m good. Just to appease M, I did a second home pregnancy test the next morning and threw the even darker second line in his face.

I do need to decide on a health care provider for prenatal care, and I intend to make a decision by the end of this week.

The worry warp is still hanging out on my front porch inviting me to jump in. The worry, of course, is miscarriage. I acknowledge the 15 – 20% possibility, but my focus is on the very good probability that my little zygote will turn out to be just fine.


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