Why Don’t I Feel Pregnant Anymore?

Back in the days when my ovaries were aching for a baby, I thought a positive pregnancy test would be a dream come true and life would blossom into a continuous burst of rainbows and unicorns. But you know what? I’m still a big giant worry wart.

My latest worry is how energetic I’ve been feeling. I thought that wasn’t supposed to happen until at least 12 weeks. I’ll be 10 weeks on Wednesday. Yesterday I spent most of the day weeding the front yard and then couldn’t even fall asleep for my usual afternoon nap. By weeding, I’m talking near manual labor. I haven’t been in the yard since before I conceived.

This morning I stepped out of the shower and pranced around in front of M, “My boobs don’t feel big, and my belly isn’t sticking out. Do I look pregnant? ‘Cause I don’t feel pregnant.”

9 weeks pregnant 9/15/10: Do I look pregnant?

What happened to my pregnancy hormones? I want my body to DO something. Oh crap…no, I didn’t mean I wanted an afternoon dose of nausea. Oh well.

How soon in pregnancy did you start to feel better?


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3 Responses to Why Don’t I Feel Pregnant Anymore?

  1. Healthybun says:

    It’s so funny how paranoid we pregnant women are. When you were feeling tired and nauseous, you were counting down the days until you felt better. But now that you ARE feeling better, you’re pining for the days of misery again! Don’t get me wrong, I totally hear you, and I’m sure if I were in your shoes I’d be saying the same exact thing. I, too, am paranoid city!

    As for not looking pregnant, I read that if you’re in shape—and in particular, if you have strong abdominal muscles—you take much longer to show. (That’s part of the reason why you show earlier in your second pregnancy—your ab muscles are shot from baby number one!). You look like someone who’s in good shape, so I wouldn’t worry at all that you’re not showing. Nevertheless, I do think I see a tiny little baby bump in your lower abdomen….

  2. Bless you for noticing a baby bump! I call it my beer gut for now…except I can’t drink any beer. 😉 I think I need to just chill and let my body and my baby do what they want to do.

  3. Lauren says:

    Yup, definitely seeing a bump there! I think every body is different — and I don’t know about you, but for me every DAY is different. Some days, I’ve got loads of energy and I feel like I could eat anything; others, I gag just watching food commercials and the husband has to peel me off the couch at ~8:30pm and drag me to bed. But given that you’re nearing the end of the first trimester, maybe your “good” days are becoming more numerous — and that’s great!

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