Preparing to Fall into the Second Trimester

I’m 11 weeks, 3 days, which means two fabulous milestones are just days away: the end of the first trimester, and the day I get to hear my baby’s heart beat for the first time.

Monday evening will be my second prenatal appointment. M is going with me for the first time, and I’m excited to introduce him to my midwife and the birth center. If M had it his way, I’d be giving birth at Georgetown medical, but he really doesn’t know much yet. Actually, he doesn’t know squat.

In an attempt to bring him up to speed, I’m forcing him to watch The Business of Being Born with me this weekend. I don’t really expect everything to click for him overnight, but at least he’ll get a snapshot of the reasons behind my decisions. I’m still waiting for him to get excited about this baby. Yes, he’s excited off and on. He has moments of gushiness. But I know it’s not real for him yet. In all honesty, it’s not quite real for me yet either.

I’ve been holding back from falling in love with my baby. I’m holding my breath until I know it’s for sure for real. If I hear the heart beat like I expect Monday evening, I very well may burst into tears. It will be my first concrete message from my baby that says “Yes, Mom, I’m here. I’m for real.”


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3 Responses to Preparing to Fall into the Second Trimester

  1. A says:

    Um, wow! Are you really that far along already? It’s gone by so fast.

    My husband also doesn’t understand why I am opposed to a hospital birth. I am not sure if forcing him to sit through The Business of Being Born will have the desired effect because as much as I liked it he will just focus on how obviously one-sided it is and not trust it. He’s very into real data, so I’m thinking if having him read at least portions of Henci Goer’s The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth.

  2. Um, yeah…so that didn’t work for the very same reason you said you wouldn’t force your husband to watch TBOBB. I’m at a loss. He would never read Henci Goer’s book. He’s not interested enough. How can he have a preference for one type of birth and not spend any time researching? He says he’s supportive of my decision, but still asks if there’s any chance of switching to a hospital. How frustrating! I can’t explain my decision to someone who’s not interested in listening.

  3. I don’t have any advice, but I wish you luck! It’s so exciting to read your updates. My husband is a little freaked out by the possibility of seeing any birth-related grossness, but he’s agreed to watch The Business of Being Born with me (eventually). He too would prefer a hospital, but there’s a birth center near us (staffed by CNMs) with a great reputation, and he’s agreed to visit it. Of course this is all hypothetical since I’m not pregnant yet, but hopefully soon!

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