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Do You Kegel?

The potential pay-offs of kegels are looking more and more enticing the closer I get to trying to conceive. You might want to do kegels, too, if… Continue reading

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How to Involve Your Significant Other in Preconception

When it comes to babies, my husband thinks I’m insane, obsessed, OCD. He wants nothing to do with my books, my blogs, or the birth movies I bring home from work. We’re getting close to go time, and his lack of interest is starting to get worrisome. Continue reading

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Let’s Do This Already

It’s the start of another cycle (as in menstrual cycle), and this cycle, I can honestly say my body is fully prepared to conceive. I’ve been working towards this since November 2009 and didn’t know if it would ever come together. Here’s how it went down. Continue reading

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Babymaking and the Art of Defeating Depression

Which would you rather read about first: my recent mental breakdown or my horrid experience trying to navigate the health care system? Mental breakdown sounds way more juicy, so I’ll start there. Depression runs in my family, and despite countless … Continue reading

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