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Prenatal Screening, Early Sex Prediction, and My First Sonogram

Originally, I decided to pass on the standard first trimester prenatal screenings because I knew they weren’t diagnostic. The nuchal translucency screen and the AFP screen can estimate your risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome or neural tube defects, but if the results come back as higher risk, you have a couple of extremely difficult decisions to make. Continue reading

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What Your Health Care Provider May Not Tell You about the Flu Vaccine

Last week several well-respected, prestigious organizations released a joint statement urging health care providers to advise their pregnant and postpartum patients to take the 2010 seasonal flu vaccine. These organizations employ brilliant researchers, educators, clinicians, and public health experts. Their unified voice is hard to ignore. Continue reading

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Why Don’t I Feel Pregnant Anymore?

Back in the days when my ovaries were aching for a baby, I thought a positive pregnancy test would be a dream come true and life would blossom into a continuous burst of rainbows and unicorns. But you know what? I’m still a big giant worry wart. Continue reading

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Depression Plus Pregnancy Hormones Equals…Happiness?

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I struggle with depression. I had the worst flare-up ever one month before I conceived. Thankfully, I landed myself an excellent therapist and a nurse practitioner to help adjust my medication, and I trudged forward, determined to proceed with my conception plans. Continue reading

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Are First Trimester Sonograms a Good Idea?

Given that I’ve refused giving in to the idea that a physician must confirm my pregnancy, I’m a bit surprised at what I’m about to say. I wish I had a sonogram at my first prenatal appointment. Continue reading

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Crapity Crap Crap Crap

At nearly 8 weeks into this venture, I’m starting to drag. I’ve skipped weeks ahead in my pregnancy books and grown tired of browsing baby names. Now there’s nothing left to do than admit: I feel like crap. Continue reading

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What Went Down at My First Prenatal Appointment

Yesterday was my first visit ever to a midwife, and I was anxious to see whether my preconceptions about the type of care midwives provide would hold true. Here’s what I expected, and what actually happened. Continue reading

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